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Sonic Adventure

Hedgehog HD.

The first of Sega's Dreamcast titles to be brought back to life in glorious high definition on the current generation of consoles, does Sonic Adventure still hold up over a decade after its original release?


And getting stuck therein.

Limbo is the kind of game that immediately inspires one to write something poetic. To hold court on the sheer beauty of the game, casually tossing around art terms like chiaroscuro, commenting on the duality of light and shade, whilst ... More

1 Vs. 100

Mob rule.

At the end of the week my attentions usually turn to downloading and playing a classic title for the Retro Sunday feature, but after a heavy day of celebration yesterday for your author’s birthday, I find myself having a lazier ... More
It can be explained by one of two things. Its either rose-tinted spectacles or a bungled attempt at a remake; either way, a playthrough of TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-shelled, a high-def update to the original 1991 arcade game, gnawed ... More

Shadow Complex

Metroidvania at its finest.

It’s games like Shadow Complex that finally persuaded me to take the hit and buy Microsoft’s console again. Although I’m not a fan of huge Xbox exclusives such as Gears Of War and the Halo franchise, I recognise that the ... More