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Videogame Heroes

A look at Jelle Gijsberts' whimsical illustrations.

Here’s some beautiful, charming illustrations from illustrator Jelle Gijsberts to start your weekend on a high. All the usual suspects are here, from Mario to Link through Banjo and Donkey Kong, all rendered in a whimsical, almost nostalgic, aesthetic style. ... More

Flying Bully

A deranged Lemmy Koopa from Orioto.

UPDATE: Orioto has been in touch via Twitter to tell me that Swimming Under Clouds is ‘currently dead in its original form’ and that he is no longer working on it. Bit of a shame that, but let’s see if ... More

VM Prints Now For Sale!

High-quality prints available for purchase.

Videogame Minimalism designs have been available as t-shirts for awhile. Now, they're available as posters too!

Dead End Thrills

Stunning hi-res artworks.

Duncan Harris loves videogame art. On his site, Dead End Thrills, he posts extraordinary hi-res images from well-known (and some obscure) games, applying principles of photography to every shot whilst also stripping away the technical constraints that formed the final ... More

12% Off VM Tees

Cheap as chips.

Everyone likes cheaper stuff, right? Right. Well from now until the end of the month, the makers and distributors of our Videogame Minimalism t-shirts, MySoti, are knocking 12% off every order if you use the code printed in the voucher ... More

Oni Joins The Fray

Even-more-badass version of Akuma gets VM treatment.

Capcom officially announced the Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV this week, coming as both a premium DLC pack and as a retail version for the three people that have still yet to pick up their copies of the ... More

Army Of Trolls

Talking art and games with Gary Lucken.

We sit down for a natter with videogame-influenced illustrator Gary Lucken, who tells us about getting his big break, collecting retro treasures and kicking his World Of Warcraft addiction.

Pacman Ghosts

Wakka wakka wa.. Oh wait.

Flickr user Ryan Coleman has had the rather quirky idea of re-casting pop culture characters into the iconic retro shape of Pacman ghosts, and designed an awesome sprite sheet to match. As you know, we’re quite partial to simplified videogame character ... More

Jude Buffum

Pixel surgeon.

Putting iconic videogame characters on a pedestal is too clich├ęd for artist Jude Buffum, who prefers to put them on a plate instead. We chat to him about his videogame meat diagrams.


Megaman meets Mario, obviously.

Pixel sprites from the NES era are some of the most iconic ever created, often the inspiration for many videogame artworks. This is especially true when two of the most recognisable characters from the era are used, in this case ... More