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Street Fighter – Abstract TURBO Edition

Now with 33% extra oblongs!

In order to say a huge thank you to the internet for continued love and dissemination of our Street Fighter – Abstract Edition piece (most recently from the Something Awful forums, where it’s inspired an awful lot of other creations), ... More

Abstract Mortal Kombat


The ‘Street Fighter – Abstract Edition’ artwork was meant to be a one-off piece, but such was the phenomenal response to it all over the internet, and the fascination with being able to recognise the characters, who could resist creating ... More

Street Fighter II – Abstract Edition

Really, really minimal World Warriors!

This is a one-off piece, and a departure from the usual Videogame Minimalism pieces. This time, the idea was to go really, really basic. Initially, it felt like a Bauhaus/De Stijl inspired piece, but once it was finished, it also ... More

‘Robot Masters’ Megaman T-shirt On Sale!

Retro-chic in a variety of colours.

If you have enjoyed the recent Videogame Mini-Minimalism sets featuring the classic bosses from the Megaman franchise, why not buy one of our t-shirts and wear all of the NES-era Robot Masters (along with Megaman himself and arch-nemesis Dr. Wily) ... More
Mario’s evil namesake is now available to buy as a t-shirt from my MySoti store. Pop along and check him out. Don’t forget to vote on him while you are there!
Two very well-known brothers from my Videogame Minimalism set are now available to buy as t-shirts. Available in a variety of colours and sizes from my MySoti store now. Pop over and have a look. If you are a member ... More