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ICC Update #27

Of fedoras and FPSs.

It was always going to be about L.A. Noire this week really, wasn’t it? We’ve had Rockstar’s latest opus since Thursday and have sunk around 6 hours into its allegedly 20-hour story. Whilst we’re not usually in the habit of ... More

ICC Update #26

Of strategy, Skaven and Silent Hill.

It’s been pretty quiet at IC Towers over the past few weeks. We’ve been on our holidays, you see (on a canal boat in Northampton, if you’re asking) and have generally been soaking up the unseasonal warmth down here on ... More

ICC Update #25

Of shiny new consoles and expensive habits.

A brand new Nintendo console and a boatload of full price games; this ICC Update was an expensive one.

ICC Update #24

Of cheap Helghast, custom NES paintjobs and passing GO!

Today’s edition of the IC Collection update is an eclectic mix. Alongside big-hitting games of recent years (Killzone 2), sit remakes of classics from yesteryear (Punch-Out!!), and there’s even room for customised consoles in the form of a shocking-yellow NES. ... More

ICC Update #23

Of racers, Spartans and Pipo.

Christmas seems a long time ago now, and even though we still haven’t played as much of our gifted titles as we would have liked (some are still shrink-wrapped to boot), we can’t stop ourselves from continually adding to the ... More

ICC Update #22 – Xmas Edition

Of Santa's overflowing generosity...

Well, the smoke is finally clearing from the Christmas carnage. Crackers have been pulled, more turkey than a man should feasibly manage has been consumed, the booze has been polished off; it’s time to get down to the presents, and, ... More

ICC Update #21

Of the Wild West, war-torn Paris and Dinosaur Planet.

It’s the week before Christmas, a time when infinitecontinues traditionally gets flooded with videogames (and little else) every year, and yet we still can’t resist buying more anyway. The dangerous novelty of having a used games store right on our ... More

ICC Update #20

Of pretty much everything.

We’re back. Rumours of our death are, as they say, greatly exaggerated. Not only has this year seen a change of surroundings for our digital home, we’ve also relocated in the real world too. We’ve waved goodbye to the big ... More

ICC Update #19

Of sports champions and Spartans.

It’s been a long while since we made an IC Collection update, and there’s a good reason for that: we simply haven’t been buying too many games. We’ve been far too busy carefully nurturing an all-consuming addiction to Fallout 3 ... More

ICC Update #18

Of orbs and Russians.

With the recent release of Crackdown 2 and the sad dissolution of Realtime Worlds, it seemed apt to us to pick up their most acclaimed work, the original Crackdown, and add it to our burgeoning Xbox 360 library. Metro 2033 ... More