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It can be explained by one of two things. Its either rose-tinted spectacles or a bungled attempt at a remake; either way, a playthrough of TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-shelled, a high-def update to the original 1991 arcade game, gnawed ... More

Blue Toad Murder Files (Ep. 1)

The Mysteries Of Little Riddle.

“Are you marvellous or moronic?” intones the Narrator, all rolling Rs and bombastic pomp. More often than not, judged by this yardstick at least, you’ll be marvellous. The 12 puzzles that make up each episode of Blue Toad Murder Files ... More

Critter Crunch

Om nom nom.

I’ve been playing a lot of ‘heavy’ videogames recently. I’ve been asked to eliminate terrorists in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, shoot hundreds and hundreds of people in order to recover lost treasures in Uncharted 2, blow up planes ... More

Gunstar Heroes

Two words: Seven Force

The beauty of the digital distribution services available on the current crop of games consoles is the ability to revisit some classic titles from yesteryear without scouring eBay for the original console and the game you wish to play. The ... More