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Decay’s Fredrik Westlund

On his horror influences.

Following on from our review of unsettling old-school point ‘n’ click indie game Decay -Part 1, we managed to elicit the answers to a few questions from the founder of Swedish-based Shining Gate Software, the developers behind the game and ... More

The Impossible Game’s FlukeDude

Even he finds it bloody hard...

Following on from last week’s developer interview for FlipSide, infinitecontinues brings you another Q&A session with the creator of this week’s reviewed Xbox Live indie title, The Impossible Game. FlukeDude (Twitter feed here) gives us the lowdown on the choices ... More

FlipSide’s Brian O’Keefe

'I wanted it to be really, really hard.'

So impressed were we of independent game FlipSide, that we asked its creator Brian O’Keefe to answer some questions about his Xbox Live Indie Games title. Happily, he obliged, answering the following questions by the magic of email from all ... More