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Pacman Ghosts

Wakka wakka wa.. Oh wait.

Flickr user Ryan Coleman has had the rather quirky idea of re-casting pop culture characters into the iconic retro shape of Pacman ghosts, and designed an awesome sprite sheet to match. As you know, we’re quite partial to simplified videogame character ... More

Jude Buffum

Pixel surgeon.

Putting iconic videogame characters on a pedestal is too clichéd for artist Jude Buffum, who prefers to put them on a plate instead. We chat to him about his videogame meat diagrams.


Megaman meets Mario, obviously.

Pixel sprites from the NES era are some of the most iconic ever created, often the inspiration for many videogame artworks. This is especially true when two of the most recognisable characters from the era are used, in this case ... More


And the art of the 'premake'.

Such has been the pace of change in videogame technology over the past twenty years that the current releases of today bear little resemblance to those we were playing in the early 90s. But a fondness for looking back is ... More

Pixel Stitches

Jessie Elliott on the craft of cross-stitching.

A few weeks ago, infinitecontinues featured the work of both Orioto and 8-Bit Artist, who create paintings based on videogame culture, whether that be with a brush or a Wacom tablet. Today we feature a more hands-on artist, and as ... More

The Art Of Orioto

Mikaël Aguirre on his techniques, videogames as art and golden fish.

Disenchanted by the lack of imagination displayed in gaming’s current crop, and with a devotion to the art style of games such as Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Parisian artist Mikaël Aguirre (aka Orioto) creates beautiful artworks based ... More

Pixel Painter

8-Bit Artist on pixels, paintings and Perler beads.

Five years ago, Chris Olian (a.k.a. 8-bit Artist) wanted a painting of Megaman to hang on his wall. When his friend failed to deliver, he took up the challenge himself. Thus began a productive hobby that spawned two hundred artworks, ... More

Street Fighter: Hyper Real

We interview artist Kode Abdo.

You’ve heard of Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting, but check out these fantastic Hyper Real artworks of Street Fighter characters by artist Kode Abdo, based on real life models and manipulated digitally in Photoshop. I bet you’ve never seen bendy Dhalsim ... More

3D Dots of Doom!

Poage at it again...

We featured Jason Poage’s initial creations for PS3-exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes last month, and he’s not been resting on his pixellated laurels. He’s gone all retro and produced a new range of characters based on the FPS classic Doom. ... More

EXP’s Cory Schmitz

Talking games and graphic design.

A few weeks ago, we brought your attention to EXP Magazine, a thesis-project-turned-Kickstarter-venture from the drawing table of Cory Schmitz. At the time of writing, he has smashed his initial target of ¢3,200 by accumulating $4,747 with still 36 days ... More