ICC Update #36

Of new old games and never-ending franchises.


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed this extended break. When I’ve not been stuffing my face with white chocolate egg, I’ve been ploughing through some rented games (Asura’s Wrath and Silent Hill: Downpour, as you ask) and returning to the fray in Battlefield 3 in a (pretty vain) attempt to start getting good at Dice’s shooter. Why rented? Because my better half and I set a date for our wedding, and even though it’s in the summer of next year, even our rough-guide budget raised a few eyebrows and put the skids on anything non-essential in terms of spending. Ergo, less extravagant games purchases, more rentals.

But I wouldn’t be much of a collector if such I let such a minor detail as lack of money stop me from snapping up more games, now would I? But now I’m going to be picking up titles which are on offer or vastly reduced before adding them to the Collection. Even so, this latest ICC Update is probably the shortest one yet – only two games! The first is Final Fantasy XIII-2, and even though I burnt out heavily on the original game, my Final Fantasy collection needs to be maintained. I picked it up for PS3, as most of my collection is on Sony systems so it seemed the right thing to do. My other purchase was Silent Hill HD Collection, a much-reviled package of remasters of Silent Hill 2 and 3. Although apparently crippled by a bevy of technical hiccups, my insatiable lust for playing old classics with achievements overrides those concerns, and Silent Hill HD Collection finds itself in my Xbox 360 line-up. Prices and links below.

Update #36

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) – £14.95 from Zavvi.com

Silent Hill HD Collection (Xbox 360) – £22.95 from Shopto.net


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