Flying Bully

A deranged Lemmy Koopa from Orioto.


UPDATE: Orioto has been in touch via Twitter to tell me that Swimming Under Clouds is ‘currently dead in its original form’ and that he is no longer working on it. Bit of a shame that, but let’s see if the project gets resurrected later down the line.

ORIGINAL STORY: I’ve featured the work of Orioto before, and had a chat with him on the inspiration and techniques behind his videogame artworks. Turns out he’s still producing them, and they’re getting even better. Check out ‘Flying Bully‘ on his Tumblr blog and allow yourself to dream of a Mario game done in this high-definition painterly style. According to his post, this piece will be available as a limited and signed print from Geek Art soon, so keep your eyeballs peeled.

The last I heard, Orioto was still working on indie platformer Swimming Under Clouds with Yacine Salmi’s Piece Of Pie Studios, who I also interviewed in 2010.

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