ICC Update #32

Of horror games and hilariously-bad ones.


There’s little method to our madness this week. Every single game we picked up is for a different system than the last. And, not content with that, we threw another system in for good measure, in the form of a black Gameboy Colour from another age.

There’s a very loose theme of survival horror tying this update together, no doubt inspired by a recent playthrough of Silent Hill: Origins from the last update, although it’s obvious that Mario Tennis bucks that theme quite considerably, unless the portly plumber’s eyes suddenly roll up into his skull and he begins drooling underneath that immaculate moustache. Ahem.

With survival horror in mind, it’s little wonder that Resident Evil features. In this case, we pick up the original for the Sega Saturn, perhaps our first purchase for that forgotten relic of a console since this site was founded. We also snap up the remake for the DS, subtitled with the Deadly Silence moniker. The final ‘horror’ title comes in the form of rare oddity D for the PS1. We’ve popped it in, and it’s hilariously bad, and so astonishingly alien to videogame standards of today that we’re considering playing it through for a From The Collection piece, just for the sheer novelty factor.

Elsewhere, NES game Gremlins 2 features; a title fondly-remembered in IC Towers. We’ll be booting up our custom-painted NES for that one soon, make no mistake. And finally, we move one step closer to a complete set of Onimusha games with the GBA entry Onimusha: Tactics, which we mentioned in our last update.

A veritable smörgåsbord of tasty videogame treats then. We’re looking forward to tucking in. In the meantime, you can view the complete update, along with prices paid, below.

Update #32

Gremlins 2 (NES) – £5.99 from eBay

Resident Evil (Sega Saturn) – £7.50 from eBay

Mario Tennis (N64) – £4.99 from eBay

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS) – £8.00 from eBay

Onimusha: Tactics (GBA) – £1.45 from eBay

D (PS1) – £11.99 from eBay

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