Fashion disaster.


As hinted at in our latest ICC Update post, things have been a little quiet around these parts. This is due in part to a new, and (thankfully), permanent house move. But it’s also due to a lot of time being devoted to the creation of a brand new game called Sweatshop, commissioned by C4 Education. As part of my day job for animation and games company Littleloud, I was responsible for the interface and graphic design of the game – a project that came together through the hard work of a lot of very talented individuals. Some of you will remember the interview we conducted with illustrator Gary Lucken (a.k.a. Army Of Trolls), and it’s his fantastic game art that brings Sweatshop alive. This is coupled with the sparkling script of videogames journalist Simon Parkin, who wrote and produced the game. Darren Garrett, chief creative and partner at Littleloud, was responsible for the art direction and animation. And technical leadership and programming was carried out by Fritz Solares to bring it all together.

Ostensibly a quirky take on the tower-defence genre, Sweatshop also raises a magnifying glass at the kind of conditions you might find at some of the worst sweatshops in business today, and asks you the question of how far you would go to avoid a fashion disaster. Will you prioritise your workers’ healthy and safety above all else, or cut corners in order to increase your profits? A moral barometer will keep track of how you play Sweatshop throughout, derived from the trophies you earn as you progress through the game’s storyline.

We’re very proud of what we’ve created, and I hope you’ll forgive the tooting of my own horn in order to bring it to your attention! But if you love videogames, you’ll love Sweatshop. Head on over to playsweatshop.com now and check out the fruit of our labours.

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