Street Fighter – Abstract TURBO Edition

Now with 33% extra oblongs!


In order to say a huge thank you to the internet for continued love and dissemination of our Street Fighter – Abstract Edition piece (most recently from the Something Awful forums, where it’s inspired an awful lot of other creations), we thought we’d create a bonus version of the artwork. Just consider it some DLC for the main title… As always, you can see the piece over on our dedicated Flickr account here.

Completing the set, and rounding out the TURBO Edition, are old favourites Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison in the same extremely minimal style of the original. We are also putting this one up for sale for those that were on the fence the first time round, and also for those that want to complete the set. Once again, sales of our t-shirts are the only source of funds that IC generates – the rest comes out of our own moth-eaten pockets – so we thank you very much for your purchases and continued support! Please go here to buy the Turbo Edition!

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