ICC Update #15

Of guns and very large muscles.


Continuing the Xbox 360 theme this week are the two opening efforts in recent franchises Gears Of War and Army Of Two, helping pack out the library for Microsoft’s current-gen console and upping the beefy, gun-toting badass quotient of the Collection. This week also sees the snaffling up of Mafia, the PS2 port of the original PC game (which gets a sequel this month), and also Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne, even though the first game still eludes us and makes the list of games we need to plug glaring gaps in the library. The recent survival horror theme from a few months back gets a mini-revival in the form of two further titles, Cold Fear on the PS2 and, going back a little further, semi-obscure PS1 title, Virus: It Is Aware. That’s it for the IC Collection this week – what do you think of our pick-ups?

Update #15

Gears Of War (Xbox 360) – £4.65 from eBay

Army Of Two (Xbox 360) – £3.71 from eBay

Mafia (Ps2) – £2.20 from eBay

Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne (PS2) – £1.25 from eBay

Cold Fear (PS2) – £3.19 from eBay

Virus: It Is Aware (PS1) – £3.00 from eBay

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