ICC Update #37

Of a tonne of uncatalogued games.

A quick glance back through the previous ICC Update (new games in the IC Collection, to refresh your memory) had me wishing everyone a Happy Easter. With such a yawning chasm of time between posts, this update was always going ... More
After nine barren, tumbleweed-strewn months, it was always going to take something fairly momentous to happen to elicit a new post on infinitecontinues. And before Christmas, something did. I completely fell out of love with videogames, to the point where ... More

ICC Update #36

Of new old games and never-ending franchises.

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed this extended break. When I’ve not been stuffing my face with white chocolate egg, I’ve been ploughing through some rented games (Asura’s Wrath and Silent Hill: Downpour, as you ask) and returning to the ... More

Videogame Heroes

A look at Jelle Gijsberts' whimsical illustrations.

Here’s some beautiful, charming illustrations from illustrator Jelle Gijsberts to start your weekend on a high. All the usual suspects are here, from Mario to Link through Banjo and Donkey Kong, all rendered in a whimsical, almost nostalgic, aesthetic style. ... More

New Year’s End

Words with Jared Potter on his BioShock short film.

You may have come across Jared Potter’s BioShock short film ‘New Year’s End‘ on other videogame sites already, and for good reason; it’s brilliant. A perfect mix of 1950s aesthetics, nostalgic references from the game and the director’s own vision ... More

Infinite Collectibles

Keeper Of The Creed

Long-term readers of Infinite Continues will know all about my Videogame Minimalism sideline – essentially a series of artworks based on videogames. They are the only money I make out of the Infinite Continues brand. Everything else about this site ... More

Flying Bully

A deranged Lemmy Koopa from Orioto.

UPDATE: Orioto has been in touch via Twitter to tell me that Swimming Under Clouds is ‘currently dead in its original form’ and that he is no longer working on it. Bit of a shame that, but let’s see if ... More

ICC Update #35

Of new consoles and other miscellany

Slack slack slack. It’s been almost three whole months since I last updated IC, and all you’re getting is another lengthy IC Collection update. I have a few other projects happening in other areas of my life, but I don’t ... More

ICC Update #34

Of lots of Christmas cheer.

Happy New Year everyone! The dust has settled on a very family-oriented Christmas for me at IC Towers; and the house was declared a no-games-zone by a girlfriend intent on more social interactions during the festive period. As a result, ... More

Getting To Grips With IC

Time to face facts.

Those that frequent this quiet corner of the Internet will notice with some alarm that it’s even quieter than usual. The date of the last post reads, rather depressingly, as October 23rd. So it’s time to face facts – the ... More